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Brain + Body = Total Wellness

At the gym it is important that you engage the brain and nervous system to promote functional wellness through specific movements. Those who adopt various forms of movement, increase complexity of movement patterns and routines, greatly enhance their cognitive function, posture, increase mobility, flexibility, coordination, and balance as well as lower disease rate. By applying a little bit of strategy and design when exercise you can achieve greater results as well.

In today’s society we are too accustomed to think that work is a place where we engage the brain and the gym a place where we engage the body. In fact, most people cannot wait to turn off their brain and take their body to the gym. Unfortunately that is not the wisest of choices. Optimal results and health can only be achieved when you are engaging body, emotions, mind and spirit. This will result in better muscle facilitation, greater range of motion, greater balance, and increased flexibility.

Start treating your body like you treat the car you rely on to take you to and from work. Our lives are so busy and fast paced that we grind on our routines day in and day out forgetting to breathe and unplug.  Take the lead, don’t just STOP when your body or immune system can’t keep up anymore. You are a leader at work as well as at home, but most essentially you are your own leader. Think about it, you are a leader that many look up to for direction, motivation, and inspiration.  It takes strong personal leadership to commit to your total fitness and wellness goals, so delaying it is not an option.

Movement and the Brain

One only has to think of their childhood or watch a child closely while he or she learns to walk. The learning, adaptation and improvement of motor skills are impressive. This example alone is an indicator that the brain plays a critical part in our fitness & wellness routines. Just like you should keep the child in you alive when it comes to curiosity, you should also continue to challenge and engage your brain when it comes to movement. Ask yourself, am i learning new movement and patterns every so often? Am I introducing variations or new methods into my workouts? Am I challenging my body continuously?

Let me give you an example. If you have not learned the Frog Balance (as in the picture below) you should consider doing so. Here is what will happen. As your trainer shows you the steps and you try it, your mirror neurons will be actively coding information and your pre-motor cortex along with the somatosensory cortex will get engaged. As you observe, learn and execute this new movement and motor skill, your muscles and joint receptors exchange information back and forth with your Cerebellum and start adapting. As your ability to perform the new movement improved you start producing more dopamine hence feeling euforic and excited and having a positive energizing emotional response. This is the beauty of learning new motor skills, not only, your body will use more energy, you will achieve more overall results, gain complexity and become more efficient.

Consider working with a trainer that is well rounded and has a complex understanding of movement. It will help you make your workouts fun, energizing, effective and all about you. It will raise your awareness of other essential components to total fitness and wellness and help you tap into your potentials. It will stretch you and challenge you at four levels: Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit.

A well rounded complex trainer will have you focus inward. Being at the gym is not a mere bringing your body to the gym, you need to be present, focused, and engaged.  Entering a bubble where YOU is the primary focus is key and how good a work out you will have starts with your thinking and attitude.

Make sure you write down a statement of your goals and purpose and give it to your trainer so that he or she can customize and align the workouts with you.

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