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Superfoods + Natural Nutrition Tips

There are many readers out there who want to know more about superfoods and what constitutes good nutrition. If you are one of them and are looking into improving your nutrition lifestyle, know that it is  totally fair to be wondering how a fitness nutritionist goes about his or her own nutrition, personally I would expected to be asked.

As a certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition I have decided to stir away from indoctrination and stay true to the roots when it comes to my nutrition choices. My entire life, due to my upbringing on a farm, I have always gone to the source when choosing the types of foods and ingredients I put into my body. That source you may wonder? Simple, NATURE. I consider marketing messages very carefully when making decision, so I read, research, and test things on my own. My slogan when it comes to nutrition is Fresh, Natural, Clean, Nutritious and Tasty.

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My habit of selecting foods from nature have grown stronger especially after meeting people such as Mose, the Herbalist and Medical Herb doctor who lives in the heart of the jungle on the island of Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean, and most recently Linda, a medice woman in a small village nestled in the jungle in Mexico. Moses is often visited by researchers from major pharmaceutical companies who I am sure could not find a better source of knowledge when it comes to natural herbs and their healing properties.

What I have learned from Moses, Linda, and other humble locals around the world has only solidified my belief about cooking with fresh ingredients, herbs, and produce as well as healing and preventative care. The knowledge from locals who inherited their traditions from several generations back is priceless, knowledge one could never buy from any school or institution. All of these locals happily share their knowledge and gift and now it is my turn to share it with you. Below are some tips and health benefits about each of the produce, fruits, herbs or roots. (On the side: Muntingia Calabura or Jamaican berry)

Soursop fruit

Both the fruit and the leaves are incredibly beneficial in preventing and fighting cancer. Eating fresh soursop and drinking tea made from simmering the leaves boosts your immune system like no others and help get rid of infections in your body. The cream obtained from mashing smoothing soursop leaves is excellent to treat eczema and rheumatism and is also a great natural analgesic and anti-inflamatory. Many locals I have   personally meet in Indonesia, Dominica, and Mexico have shared these healing properties with me. (Soursop can be found in Asian stores, fresh or frozen)


I have harvested and eaten dandelions endless times when I was back at home in Southern Italy with my parents (I still do when I visit) and yet here in the USA, sadly, all that people think of them as an invasive, pervasive, and threatening weed that kills lush green loans. Dandelions are very rich in vitamin C, B6, A, D, calcium, phosphorus, thiamin, riboflavin, iron (critical in the generation of red blood cells), potassium (great regulator of heart rate and blood pressure) and protein (more than in spinach). Consider this annoying weed a super food that can help your kidneys purify your system, stimulate appetite and promote digestion, improve liver functions, great antioxidant and HDL booster, also effective in fighting cancer. (Dandelions are okay to be harvest in the wild away from pesticides)

 (R & L: Tumeric )   

Coconut water

When I travel to tropical places coconut water is the number one liquid I use to hydrate myself with. Not only it is fresh (as opposed to processed and canned) it is delicious and super cheap. Last month in Mexico I paid $1 for a fresh coconut, drank the water and enjoyed the coconut meat knowing that I was getting the following benefits: rich font of potassium, sodium, manganese, calcium, selenium and magnesium. It is also the best skin topical you can consume, facilitates digestion, gives you a boost in energy, regulates blood pressure, and most incredible of all, it is the purest isotonic solution that can be found, in fact in case of emergencies, it can be given to humans intravenously to rehydrate the body the fastest way possible. (Buy only fresh coconut water at your Asian stores)


On my last trip to Mexico, while interacting with a medicine woman at a local farmers marked in the jungle, I discovered and learned everything about the nutritional and healing properties of this incredible plant. Many people, especially old generations eat a seed every day to keep healthy, infection and disease free.  This is perhaps the most amazing power and storehouse of nutrients in the world as well a well sought-after natural medicinal chemical in the world. The leaves, roots, flowers and seeds of this plant are all edible, all very rich in healthy antioxidants and bioactive plant compounds, vitamin C, A, B2, B6, iron, potassium, calcium and protein. (Shop for it online)

Noni (See picture below)

Another fruit found in many Asian, Latin countries and Islands around planet Earth often referred as cheese fruit because its taste and smell is much like a pungent blue cheese . The juice from the Noni fruit, wether extracted or derived from fruit fermenting in the sun for 3 months has amazing healing properties as an immune system booster, infection and inflammation fighter, pain reducer (especially good for hacking joints), keeps your gut, intestines and colon healhy, anti-depressant,  and anti-bacterial. I have met many native elderlies who take a dose of Noni juice every day as it rich in phytochemicals and because it stimulates the production of nitric oxide critical for the fight against cancerous cells. 


I have been using Maca for a few years now since learning about its use in South East Asia. Maca is a root from Peru’ rich in vitamin B, C, and E also rich in zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorous and amino acids. It is most popular for its libido stimulating properties in both men and women, it increases endurance, balances hormones and increases fertility especially in women. It is also an energy booster and mood enhancer as well as beneficial for clearing skin acne. (Found in mady naturepath stores)

Finally, I hope you find the information of great use. I use on a regular basis all of the ingredients above especially anytime I can find them in natural form. However, when I am not able to find them fresh, I look for very good clean supplement products that contain all of these superfoods. The one I trust and use daily is Royal Jelly from Revivify along with other products they have as they are very clean, gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, and GMO free. Check their products out, I am a firm believer! Use the following code(Nutrition@Revivify) and you will get an additional 10% off.






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