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How to Make your Fitness & Wellness New Years Resolution Stick.

Every year around this time, everyone starts thinking about a New Year’s resolution. A time of the year when that desire to improve the self kicks in and opens the door to an opportunity to change your life for the better. Some of us look back to evaluate what we need to improve or do differently in the next year. Others will think of something completely new that adds quality to their life. Well we all know how it is easier said than done, right? Likely, I am here to help you with that challenge!
For example, take the usual new years resolution about improving your fitness and wellness and getting into shape. Have you ever read statistics about New Year’s resolution? I did a search when I thought about writing on this topic to find out that one in three Americans plan to better themselves in the next year somehow. Turns out that 75% of people stick to their resolution only for about a week and approximately 45% of them are sticking to it six month later.
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We all know that making a Fitness & Wellness new years resolution is not easy and that most struggle to make it stick past 2-3 weeks. Regardless of your specific goal here are a few tips to help you commit to your Fitness and Wellness and truly change your life.

  1. Choose a personal trainer that is well-rounded in his/her knowledge of movement, the body, and fitness
  2. Sign up and commit to at least a three months program to help you build new routines and stick with them
  3. Write down your goal and make it very clear to your personal trainer that you want him/her to hold you accountable, not the other way around
  4. Above all make sure that the time with your trainer is fun and rewarding at many levels (Body, Mind, Spirit)
  5. Immerse yourself with enthusiasm in your fitness practice
  6. Choose a partner or a friend to join you on some of your personal training session
  7. Create a positive conducive environment by surrounding yourself with people who inspire you to stay positive and motivated.
  8. Celebrate every tiny achievement and progress toward your final goal
  9. Finally make sure that your personal trainer has the knowledge and experience to coach and help you through behaviour adaptation and change workout girl







Lets not forget that your Fitness & Wellness extend well beyond your body. A healthy, focused, and free of stress mind can only positively contribute to your ability to sustain your efforts and reach your goal.

Finally, eating well and healthy is another essential part of this equation. So treat your body right, only feed it healthy, natural foods, cut out sugary treats, sodas, and junk that will set your goal back and affect negatively your Fitness and Wellness.

Let me know if you have questions, I am here to help you succeed!

If you choose me as your personal trainer, I promise I will help you create a new lifestyle that can make the difference you are seeking, putting your body, mind, fitness, and wellness back in the center.







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