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Traveling to Italy Soon? Learn Italian to Make the Most Out of Your Trip!

If you are planning to travel to Italy in the future and your language repertoire only includes Grazie, Buongiorno, Arrivederci, Bella, and Pizza you may want to consider learning more Italian, here is why.

  • Italians LOVE it when you try to speak in their language mostly because to us you sound incredibly sexy and charming with an accent that screams ” So cute….oh my God adorable”.
  • The fact that you are trying immediately implies sensitivity and shows respect for the culture.
  • Your ability to say a few things literally opens up people’s hearts and transforms your experience opening the door to better richer interactions.
  • If you adventure outside of touristy cities such as Venezia, Firenze, Roma into small towns, it will be much harder to find people who speak English.
  • Learning some basic Italian adds spice and adventure to your trip.
  • Easy your stress and have fun
  • People in general will treat you even better than they normally would

Italy lessonItaly map 2

While there are many ways you can learn Italian  (CDs, classes, online etc), nothing will replace learning from a Native. I have personally taught Italian for the past 20 years both in College, for continuing education programs, to businesses and privately and absolutely love it. I speak 6 languages and this ability helps me teaching Italian to foreigners even better.

Have you ever thought of learning Italian from the comfort of your office at lunch break, or in the evening from the comfort of your couch, or on weekends while having coffee? On Skype we can do that and you will be amazed how much you can learn. I am happy to discuss a program for individuals, couples, families or even group of friends who want to learn Italian with me on Skype.


The benefits of learning a different language extend well beyond being useful while traveling. It is incredibly good to keep your brain sharp and healthy, in fact medical studies show that learning a second language delays brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer. Another common benefit, that most don’t even think about it, is the improvement of your first language. When we speak our first language we no longer think of grammar, rules, unlike when you learn another language, so by default in the process of learning Italian you also improve your mother tongue.

Finally, think of what a great achievement it would be to learn even just a little bit of another language and travel to that country and experience it with greater joy mingling with locals and building more confidence in your newly acquired language ability.

I would be proud to teach you Italian, please let me know if you have any questions by reaching me at:

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