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Those Who Travel Live Happier Lives. Find Out Why!

Ask anyone who has travelled extensively in their lives, regardless of  budget, if they would trade a vacation in another country with a valuable gadget or object, and almost everyone will anser HELL NO!

Instant gratification is a widespread need in our society and so is peer pressure and the constant comparison to who has more than us. Sadly, however surrounding ourselves with more materialistic things is not healthy nor is a synonym of happiness. Imagine, how many trips in various parts of the world you could buy if you resisted the temptation of buying more things you really can do without. I personally, have manage to go on two international trips a year even on a modest salary.

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Life is about experiences that stimulate all your emotions and play over and over in your subconscious bringing you unparalleled happiness, contentment, and growth. What would you like your legacy to be? The one of a trendy person who always had the best of the best or one of countless friends spread all over the world who have many memories and stories about how you made them feel.

Don’t be deceived though, life is not a popularity contest, life is a tapestry of happy moments that you accumulate over time. What you have, does not follow you, who you are remains with you for eternity! I don’t mean to brag, but with little means and A LOT of hard work, by age 34 I spoke 6 languages and lived in 5 countries and I have myriads of friends I stay in close touch with. I would not replace that with anything and If I had a choice I would go through the adversities that I had to overcome all over again!

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If you want to adventure to a foreign country and immerse yourself with the culture, values, traditions, and the people in the most authentic ways, is a fantastic start.



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