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How to Avoid Crowded Touristy Cities and Have a Vacation to Brag About!

Today more than ever before, people who love to travel are concerned with visiting crowded cities especially in Europe. The current political landscape should not prevent you from traveling and enjoying life, if anything it should force you to make better choices when it comes to WHERE TO TRAVEL, and maybe even HOW TO TRAVEL.

Anything can happen no matter where in the world you are, but it does help to spend time in places that are far from being a target for attacks. Have you ever trusted a local to show you their hometown, introduce you to locals, prepare meals for you and take you to places that one could never find online?

vigna IMG_9836

For years I have been showing my region (Puglia) to tourists from North America mainly, who have enjoyed it well beyond their expectations. Take Kirk for instance, a first timer to Italy, who decided to skip the typical touristy circuit and spend two weeks (one in the South and one in the North) immersed in the culture.

I must first begin by saying the sum of the parts of our 2+ week experience in Italy was simply beyond any expectation I could have held. Antimo is the archetype of a person following a passion, even a calling. That he is so eager to share his world in Italy, and his experiences in many other amazing destinations, with interested travelers is not necessarily unique. What is unique is his dedication to the overall experience. Antimo is not merely importing tourists to places and people important to him and to his clients. He is also importing their experiences to those destinations. 

pastaGabriele e Antico Palmento

It is called experiential travel for a very good reason. We shared moments, meals and a measure of humanity with so many people he choose to connect us with on this journey. Of course we took hundreds of pictures and saw some marvelous, ancient pieces of our history as humans but that was not the magic for me. The magic was the connection in those shared moments.

My interest, joy, and passion is to create emotional moments and exchange between two or more cultures, to have people experience one another as people, interacting authentically and with pride, sharing their know-how and cultural heritage. By putting human interaction at the center of the travel experience, lives can be transformed and those unable to travel, end up traveling vicariously through those who can.

If you wish to join one of my upcoming trips in September 2016 or would like to have me plan your future travels, feel free to drop me a line (


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