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Attention Leaders! Want to grow and expand your leadership capacity?

Most leaders who work in a complex organization (often a matrix) have had the opportunity to attend leadership development seminars or have received coaching to support their work and performance. Many have used personality assessments such as MBTI, DISC, Firo-B and others in order to address self-awareness, personality preferences, and to better understand their strengths and identify areas for improvement.  

However, to truly build leadership capacity requires understanding one’s energy. The paradox in today’s world is that we all wish we had more productive energy in spite of all the tools, gadgets and technology (whistles) that are available to us. Constant technological changes and demands are fragmenting our focus and possibly impacting negatively our behaviour and ability to lead effectively. It’s time to shift focus on an important resource that we could take greater advantage of and actually learn to use wisely – our own energy.

To build energy and develop leadership, we’ve designed and have been delivering a 3-day leadership retreat. We’ve been able to help leaders from all around the world grow their energy and become better leaders and in anticipation for our 3-days Leadership Retreat, we have answered these most frequently asked questions:

How does a leader know if he or she could use a re-boot?

Deep in their gut all leaders know when they are under too much pressure, have a big workload, and their leadership is suffering. Quite possibly if they have a Driver energy pattern, their ego gets in the way or they are too blind to recognize that simple things such as unplugging can make the difference.

It is not uncommon that leaders under these circumstances opt to work harder, longer hours, on weekends and even on vacation. Many end up burning the candle at both ends with, repercussions on their personal relationships, health, and performance. In a lot of organizations today, Human Resources and Talent Management groups will come to the rescue offering personal coaching to support their top performing leaders. However rebooting is something that is done to you or for you, it is something that leaders must commit themselves do doing for themselves. Ultimately, it is up to the leaders themselves to accept the support and commit to making the “Self” a priority. So if you are a leader who has a hard time coming up for air these days, who is often working on weekends and you struggle to regain your own energy, you may be ready for a reboot.

Why can’t leaders just re-boot on their own?

Our habits are ingrained within us and difficult to change. Many efforts from leaders to re-boot fail because frankly, it’s just too hard to change. This is why we have created a 3-day experience with experts in change to break current habits and provide guidance on how best to regain not just any energy but the right energy for what they are seeking to create in their leadership. If you believe you are too busy to re-boot, or are convinced that re-booting is only a band aid approach, then all the more reason why you cannot do it on your own. Because of how busy and demanding your job is, leaders tend to sacrifice themselves and power through day in and day out. A coach, or a well-structured workshop can assist them, increase their self-awareness, reinforce and support the need for guidance.

Why 3 days?

Re-booting needs to be a regular part of a leader’s professional life – not a drastic measure used when you are too miserable and overly stressed. Being able to unplug for three days to prioritize yourself is the first step in a process that will teach you how to understand your energy and tap into the various patterns connecting the body and the mind in meaningful ways. During the three days you have a chance to slow down, introspect, find commonalities with other leaders and practice assisted by experts in leadership coaching, wellness and movement.

What is leadership energy and why is it important?

Leadership energy in “superhero” terms is that special gift that motivates others to follow us, or allow us to guide them, to encourage, and to inspire them. That energy needs to be cultivated, protected, respected and regenerated.

During our retreat, we utilize FEBI, an exceptional tool that allows leaders to make the connections between mind and body and ultimately affect their behaviour consistently. Each energy pattern (Driver, Organizer, Collaborator & Visionary) can be explored with kinesthetic movement that will allow leaders to access and harness the most conducive type of energy to the task on hand. It is like having a tool kit or a specialized team that comes to your rescue, especially during critical times when your team looks up to you for leadership. Once these energy patterns have been embodied it is much easier to make shift happen.

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How do you assess a leader’s energy?

FEBI is a validated psychometric assessment that measures four energy patterns. It is easily completed online answering 144 questions, a report will identify and explain your “Home Pattern” along with the other patterns that you are less dominant in. With the help of a certified coach great insights can be obtained along practice of all four energy patterns, how to tap into them, how to use the right energy for the right situation, as well as how to recognize energy in others.

What is the best way to grow/develop your leadership capacity/capability?

When you look at how fast-paced our world and work environments are, it is even more crucial to go back to the basics, pull the plug to go inside and assess the what, how and why. But of course going back to the basic doesn’t not always mean that is the easiest thing to do. Leadership capacity and capability need to be cultivated and practiced, much like full deep breathing and meditation. A much needed start is to assess and understand your energy patterns. The FEBI (Focus, Energy, Balance, Indicator), unlike other assessments which are mainly accessible and understood cognitively, uses the body and movement to harness its energy. If, as leaders, we can recognize that we work as a very complex system, than we can appreciate that its functioning depends on the quality and quantity of leadership energy available to us.

Energy is produced and expanded and in order to reproduce it we have to take careful necessary steps. This is where a leader, much like an athlete, needs to keep practicing to keep fit, capable and performing at the top of his or her game. A leader needs to develop a SELF ROUTINE, a time and space where he or she is the only focus. We have found that practicing movement in all of the four FEBI patterns keeps us centered, motivated, relaxed, agile, and fuelled.

Now is the time to get back in control of your own best renewable resource – your energy. We’ve designed a two and a half day retreat that uses FEBI as the starting gate to getting leaders back in the driver’s seat and ready for our increasingly volatile, complex, high pressure world.

The Leadership Gym: An Urban Retreat

Join us in Munich on May 11-13, 2017

Facilitators: Antimo Cimino & Susanne Taylor

For more in depth information about the FEBI assessment, please check

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