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Keeping Fit when Traveling: Dilemmas, Tips and More.

Why is it that so many people report that travel throws off their fitness routine?
Should your travel schedule stop you from being active, fit and healthy? Absolutely not!
These are some of the questions I will be addressing in this brief article to help you stick to your wellness and fitness routines even when your busy travel schedule gets in the way. Don’t miss some of the helpful tips on how to keep on moving and exercising when you are traveling.
The key word that gets a lot of people discouraged is ROUTINE. Just because we are creatures of habit, does not mean that we cannot create new adaptable routines. While a predictable schedule may help you stick to a routine, when it comes to your wellness and fitness, what matters most is the “FEELING” of being active. So, whether you are at your gym, in your city, or away somewhere in the world, blocking the time to feel good and active is key.
Exercise should not be just a physical activity; mentally you need to disconnect to enter a ZONE meant to unplug, let go, reduce stress, and re-energize. By putting greater emphasis into your ZONE (the psychological and emotional space you enter when exercising), you can re-create that space no matter where you are.
Some people will say that eating healthy is their main obstacle when traveling. While it may be a challenge, I know that there are ways to control what you eat and how much you eat. The equation of how many calories you eat vs how many you burn is still under your control and it becomes that more relevant when you travel.
Another key aspect to developing an adaptable workout routine is to start thinking of exercise as movement and to move in as many different ways as possible. Variety in movement and exercise translates into joy, and the sense of joy and enjoyment trigger your parasympathetic nervous system and helps create new routines. This is why engaging in a number of exercises makes it easier to stay fit while traveling. Keep movement the ONLY constant during travel. Long walks in parks or city streets, a run first thing in the morning, a hike on the weekend, or movement and stretching exercises in your room, on the rooftop, or in the park. All of these options can be implemented with ease helping you to stay committed to your healthy routines.
It is also very helpful to STOP associating being fit with going to the gym and lifting weights. Wellness and fitness are about strength, cardiovascular conditioning, core strength, balance, motor ability and control, flexibility, proprioception all of which can be practiced in the comfort of hotel rooms, nearby parks, or recreational areas where your travel takes you.
 Movement is not a choire, like going to the gym is often for some people. You need to find types of movement that you enjoy and then practice them wherever you are. It is that simple.
As you begin to plan your wellness and fitness routines for your next trip, here are some helpful tips and activities that can help you stay relatively fit while traveling all over the world:
  • Drink at least 1 gallon of water
  • Pack or buy some mixed nuts, especially almonds and walnuts, to snack on between main meals
  • Walk around the town you are visiting as much as you can
  • Squeeze in some plank, crunches and pushups routines for 15 min when you get up in the morning.
  • Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum. (Suggested amount: 1 drink a day)
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours
  • Do not use the TV in your room, get out in the city and walk, run, window-shop, people watch, etc.
  • Carry an exercise rubber band with you and use it
I am overwhelmed with work; I need to call home after work; I cannot eat well when traveling; it’s too humid; too cold. Let’s be frank, these types of excuses are just obstacles you are creating for yourself in your life. Wellness and fitness are lifestyle options, and you control them, regardless of where and how much you are traveling.

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