Italian Vagabond

Ciao my name is Antimo, I was born and raised in Puglia (the heel of Italy). I consider the world my playground and it has been since leaving home (Manduria). I am always excited when I can hop on a plane and travel at the discovery of new places and cultures. The love of languages and cultures have led me to live in different countries like France, UK, USA, and Brazil. I speak six languages and still hoping to learn at least one more. I am proud of being an Italian and since getting the travel bug at age 16, I cannot stop traveling nor do I plan to.

Fitness & Wellness Freak

Another big passion of my life is Fitness & Wellness. I have been committed to a healthy lifestyle since the age of 14, when dance gave a new meaning to my life. I am an expert in various forms of movement and I firmly believe that if as humans we use our Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit, we can express our full potential. No one is simply one or two dimensional, our routines make it look like we are, but we are much more than that. I seek to coach and inspire others to make the best possible choices when it comes to their fitness and wellness so that they can improve their overall health and attain a work-life balance.

I am a certified Wellness & Fitness coach in The Body Practice by Atlas Movement; a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition from ISSA (International Sports Science Association);  I hold a culinary degree from IPSAR (Istituto Professionale Servizi Alberghieri e Ristorazione) in Brindisi, Italy. I am very proud of my qualifications and how I use them to help my clients.

Leadership Buff

While living in the USA, I completed a Master Degree in Intercultural Relations and soon after I landed a job for a global leadership development consulting firm. I spent more than ten years working as a project manager with leaders of amazing clients such as Disney, Cemex, Novartis, Honda and many more. This work made me aware that we can all cultivate our leadership capacity, create a vision, express and reach our full potential. During this time I also became a certified FEBI®coach and mentor (Focus Energy Balance Indicator) by Focus Leadership and have been using it to bring a mental framework to Fitness & Wellness.


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