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Drawing on elements from gymnastics, calisthenics, hand balancing, capoeira, and  yoga, I teach you how to expands and break free from your traditional exercise routine.  I am a personal trainer here to provide guidance, support, coaching and accountability to make sure that you reach your fitness and wellness goals in a successful rewarding manner. My training, coaching, mentoring, and pushing you as needed, will help you begin a journey toward greater body awareness and control of your body through strengthening techniques.

Alone, we tend to limit ourselves, together I will enable you to live up to your potential and bring balance in your life. Take your fitness and wellness to the next level: Engage the whole of you! A healthier lifestyle, a leaner you and a fit healthy body are possible when you apply the whole of you, Body, Emotions, Mind, and Spirit. Your commitment is paramount, without it changing the Status Quo is impossible. A paradigm shift is necessary to affect your total mind-body wellness and it requires hard work, that is why I am here to help you!

I like to work with people who I can truly help so that it is very rewarding, useful, and motivating for you. Whether you want more definition and muscles, you want to become leaner, you want to achieve greater fitness and lose some weight, you struggle with your mental focus, you are too stressed and are not motivated to go to the gym, you want to improve your strength, flexibility, agility and balance, you want to improve your overall fitness and wellness level, or you struggle with your work life balance, I would love to work with you!


As a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition and a chef I can help people dramatically improve their eating habits and lifestyle. I am all about natural foods, I don’t count calories but I am very careful and selective when it comes to choosing the right fresh produce, cooking nutritious meals, varying my diet, and selecting the best supplements. In my book, protein shakes should only be used, when due to rare circumstances, you are unable to eat a proper meal. I can help you create healthy eating habits by showing you how to shop, how to cook healthy simple meals, and how to stuck up your kitchen with the right aliments.

I am also happy to share my knowledge of nutrients, supplements and ingredients that are very good for your overall health.

For any further questions, customized programs, wellness retreats, or personal coaching, please contact me:

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