Travel Consulting

Encountering other cultures and interacting with locals around the world is the best education one could ever hope for. The experiences, stories, interactions, learning, encounters, and friendships that traveling offers add to your personal growth and wisdom. For this reason, three years ago, I co-founded an Experiential Travel company that specializes in taking you behind the scenes and away from touristy crowds so you can travel like a local (

The interactions between locals and tourist, the joy, happiness, daughters, emotions, and tears that I witness time and time again during my work is what fuels my passion for connecting people across cultures. I find that when human interaction is at the center or my travels I become richer, more sophisticated, happier, and wiser because their life experience elevates mine.

As a born and raised Italian, with my entire family still living in Italy, I am an expert when it comes to my country. However, I am also happy and proud the help you connect with friends in other parts of the world. If you want your travel experience to be more active, authentic, behind the scene and spontaneous, I am your expert. I am not a travel agent nor a tour guide, I am a travel consultant who can offer you expert advice and suggestions that match your wishes. Let a local expert take care of the logistics that can turn into a nightmare when you do not know the way of the land.  Let me create and suggest activities that will have your senses fully immersed in the culture of the place you visit.


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